MountResilience is dedicated to strengthening the resilience of European regions and communities situated in mountainous areas. Its primary goal is to enhance their ability to adapt to climate change and facilitate a transition toward a climate-resilient society.

The project is strategically focused on the development, testing, and scaling up of flexible climate change adaptation strategies and nature-based solutions. This comprehensive approach takes policy considerations, societal requirements, and citizen behaviours into account. It aims to address the diverse impacts of climate change in mountainous regions.

Mountains play a big role in our lives:

Mountains cover 35% of the land area of Europe and 30% of the EU. They are home to approximately 13% of the EU´s population and 18% of farms and 43% of Natura 2000 areas are in mountains. They play an indispensable role in our everyday lives by providing vital resources to a significant proportion of the global population.

Mountains are the guardians of vital resources and biodiversity:

Mountains are the origin of 60-80% of the world´s freshwater, important habitats for biodiversity and they are suppliers of a wide array of essential renewable energy sources, raw materials and agricultural goods, such as wood, pastures for livestock, dairy products, meat, fruits, olive oil, mineral water, medicinal plants, and much more.

Mountains are sustainable tourism hubs and cultural catalysts:

Mountains are key tourism destinations worldwide, attracting visitors every year for health, sports, gastronomy, and culture-related tourism. Sustainable tourism represents a major source of income for mountain communities, acting as a catalyst to revitalise local traditions and food value chains.


• Lay the foundations of transformative climate adaptation in the European mountains
• Set up local demonstrations to develop and test innovative climate solutions with broad community involvement
• Share knowledge and practices between project regions and beyond, promoting cross-border learning and the adoption of climate adaptation solutions
• Raise awareness about climate change adaptation, engage communities, share results, and collaborate with related initiatives
• Lay the groundwork for expanding the use of climate change adaptation solutions and other valuable project outcomes


• Facilitation of technological and social innovations tailored to specific regions
• Focus on practical development and successful demonstration
• Promotion of sustainable practices and their widespread adoption
• Fostering a broader and enduring acceptance of environmentally conscious solutions

Work Plan


MountResilience focuses on a crucial issue for mountain areas: the effects of climate change are in fact increasingly evident, and developing strategies to deal with them adequately is a priority.This is a real urgency, to be addressed together at the European level, in order to share good practices and identify new ones also in peculiar and exposed territorial contexts such as mountainous ones

Anna Giorgi, University of Milan - UNIMONT

For more details about partners, funding, and budget, please visit CORDIS. MountResilience started on 1 September 2023 and will end on 29 February 2028.

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