MountResilience will explore the current state-of-play on climate change adaptation (CCA) in each demo and replicator region. It will ensure the embedding of solutions in regional structures and processes, and it will capitalise on existing capacities, networks, and dynamics. The project will support the demo and replicator regions in creating a comprehensive understanding of adaptation requirements, opportunities, and solutions.


Six of the MountResilience regions/communities will develop and test transformative climate change adaptation solutions on various key community systems (e.g. tourism, water consumption in agriculture, land use).


4 regions will serve as “replicator” regions, repurposing climate change adaptation solutions and lessons learned from the demo regions in their regions through special initiatives to improve their adaptive capacity.

The climate change adaptation (CCA) solutions for the replicators will address policy, governance, societal needs and behaviours, technological requirements, public and financing targets, and climate change risks typical of mountainous areas.

MountResilience addresses several systemic CCA solutions:

  • Restoration of ecosystems and the establishment of ecological corridors.
  • Climate resilience agriculture.
  • Better management of water scarcity and impacts of droughts or to better management of water flooding (greening infrastructures, etc).
  • Regeneration of (public) spaces to create climate resilience neighborhoods (heatwaves, floods, etc).
  • Inclusion of digital solutions and services to better predict, monitor and report climate events.
  • Economic analysis and business models.