24 October 2023 | Timisoara, Romania

ROHEALTH (The Health and Bioeconomy Cluster)

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Pratical Info

Date: 24 October 2023

Where: Timisoara, Romania


From 24 to 26 October 2023, the MountResilience team had the opportunity to present the project at the BeHEALTH – Hybrid International Event in Healthcare, organised by our project partner ROHEALTH – The Health and Bioeconomy Cluster in collaboration with the West University of Timisoara, in the European Capital of Culture 2023, Timisoara, Romania.

MountResilience’s presentation illuminated its core objectives, milestones, and its crucial role in fostering a climate-resilient society, resonating with a diverse professional audience. The event served as a pivotal moment, amplifying awareness around the project, and fostering invaluable connections within the sector.